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    • The Case for Digital Spaces at Daeyang University 

      Chilivumbo, Chifundo (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      Daeyang University is a new University having opened its doors in 2010 as a Nursing College and has since expanded to include ICT(2014) and Medical Colleges(2015). Like any institution of higher learning it would like to ...
    • Knowledge Intermediation Strategies: Novel Evidence from Canada 

      Traoré, Namatié; Amara, Nabil (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      This study investigates i) difference in knowledge intermediation strategies among knowledge and technology transfer organizations (KTTOs) and ii) the factors that explain such differences. It uses data from 212 Canadian ...
    • The Global Network Architecture: Shifting Gears on Intercontinental Research Networking 

      Staphorst, Leon; Lotz, Len; Williams, Jim; Bos, Erik-Jan (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      Research and Education (R&E) Networks have been the uplink for researchers, scientists, educators, and students around the world, sometimes just starting and in some case already for well over 25 years. The R&E Networks ...
    • Label generation rules for the Internet's root zone for African scripts 

      Atohoun, Yaovi (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      ICANN is working to promote the use of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). This work will allow domain names to be completely represented in local languages and scripts of the world, by developing rules to determine valid ...
    • NRENs and Schools 

      Martin, Duncan (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      Introduction: e-Schools Network NPC (“ESN”) is a Cape Town-based non-profit company that has provided Internet, email hosting and help desk support services to Schools in South Africa for many years. Recently the writer ...
    • Networks for European, American, and African Research: NEAAR 

      Schopf, Jennifer M. (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      The Networks for European, American, and African Research (NEAAR) collaboration is a powerful, cross organizational project that will provide services and bandwidth connecting researchers in Europe, Africa, and the United ...
    • Videoconferencing-as-a-Service for African NRENs 

      Bristow, Rob (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
      The suggestion has been made (Bristow et al. 2015) (Isaac 2015) that there is an opportunity to leverage the installed infrastructure for both Video and Web conferencing in South Africa to extend the services to the NRENs ...
    • Experiences with Global Science Communities 

      Altamirano L., Tania (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2016-11)
    • Global Science Communities 

      Altamirano-Lopez, Tania (2016-11-04)