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    • UbuntuNet Alliance – From Concept to Operations Reflections on the Journey 

      Tusubira, Francis F. (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
    • Towards AfricaConnect2 

      Stöver, Cathrin (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
    • Trust and Identity Infrastructure Services Above the Network 

      Harding, Ann (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
    • NRENs Cloud Infrastructure Framework (NRENs-CLIF): Case Study of SADC Region 

      Suresh, Nalina; Mbale, Jameson (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Recently, the appealing features of cloud computing have been driving its integration into the ICT component of the education sector. In view of this, the NRENS in developed countries are adopting Cloud computing as its ...
    • Global Open Exchange Points and Research and Education Networking Futures 

      Smith, Dale (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Work is underway to develop a set of principles that are intended to guide the interconnection of national and regional research and education networks. These principles have the concept of a Global Open Exchange Points ...
    • TV White Spaces Technical rules for Africa to enable efficient Spectrum Management 

      Pinifolo, Jonathan; Rimer, Suvendi; Paul, Babu; Mikeka, Chomora; Mlatho, Justice (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Broadband Internet access has proved to be a key vital element of modern life and a crucial enabling factor for the global, information-age economy. TV White Spaces is one of the promising solutions for extending broadband ...
    • Successful deployment and key applications of Television White Space Networks (TVWS) in Malawi 

      Pinifolo, Jonathan; Rimer, Suvendi; Paul, Babu; Mikeka, Chomora; Mlatho, Justice; Momba, Lloyd (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Successful deployment and key applications with their social impact of the Malawi TVWS pilot project as of June 2014 is presented. The Malawi Television White Spaces (TVWS) Pilot Project was initiated due to the continually ...
    • e-Agri Transport Network Ghana 

      Obeng, Albert Yeboah (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Nearly seventy percent of the population of most African countries are directly engaged in the production and distributing of food. Across the continent, food production, distribution and consumption are perhaps the most ...
    • Towards single Watt and nJoule/bit routing 

      Nungu, Amos; Olsson, Robert; Guo, Jiannan; Pehrson, Björn (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      We report on recent progress in our research on how to establish sustainable broadband markets in under-served areas, in this paper focusing on facilitating sustainable power supply by designing low power-consuming routers. ...
    • Technical Capacity Building at KENET 

      Njue, Maureen Wanja; Aseda, Kennedy (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Kenya Education Network (KENET) is the National Research and Education Network of Kenya. It promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya. This includes building the ...
    • Impact of Improved Internet Access and Other Factors on Researcher Behaviour and their Intellectual Property Output 

      Ndiwalana, Ali; Tusubira, Francis F. (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      The volume of intellectual property output of African universities and research institutions and their contribution to the global research discourse is very low, and it is not commensurate with the quality and quantity of ...
    • Interoperability, Integration and Standardization of e-Health Initiatives in Malawi: Current Efforts and Prospects 

      Mwakilama, Shawo; Chawani, Marlen; Monawe, Maganizo; Kapokosa, Gibson; Gadabu, Oliver (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Since its inception in Malawi, e-health continues to offer new opportunities for improving health-care delivery in the country. In places where implementations are done right, it enables proper and easy management of ...
    • Promoting the growing and access to scientific literature through NRENs in Africa 

      Mulhanga, Marangaze Munhepe; Lima, Solange Rito; Massingue, Venâncio; Ferreira, João Nuno (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Currently, it is undeniable the role of the Internet in sustaining knowledge growth through a multitude of technologies, user devices and network infrastructures. National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) promote ...
    • The Potential for unified backbone optical transmission in Zambia: The analysis 

      Mulenga, Chanda; Sumbwanyambe, Mbuyu (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) and telecommunication service provision in developing countries is undergoing speedy progress and inspiring numerous deployments. It has been looked upon as a substitute to ...
    • Developing Appropriate Research Services for Kenyan Researchers 

      Muia, Peter; Osure, Ronald; Kashorda, Meoli (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      Emerging African National Research and Education Network build and maintain advanced broadband networks that interconnect universities and research institutes1. The NRENs not only provide basic Internet and shared services ...
    • The Integration of library and e-learning systems: the case of selected public universities in Tanzania 

      Mtega, Wulystan P.; Benard, Ronald (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      The current study investigated how library and e-learning services can be integrated together for improving teaching and learning in selected higher learning institutions in Tanzania. Specifically the study identified ...
    • Jointly exploiting data and distributed computing eInfrastructure 

      Banda, Tiwonge; Barbera, Roberto; Becker, Bruce; Carrubba, Carla; Inserra, Giuseppina; Kanellopoulos, Christos; Koumantaros, Kostas; Mayo-García, Rafael; Núñez De Villavicencio, Luis; Prnjat, Ognjen; Ricceri, Rita; Rodriguez-Pascual, Manuel; Rubio-Montero, Antonio; Ruggieri, Federico (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      CHAIN-REDS promotes and supports technological and scientific collaboration across different e-Infrastructures established and operated in various continents. To this, it has included data related capabilities so any user ...
    • Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics: A Review 

      Mawere, Cephas; Zvarevashe, Kudakwashe; Sengudzwa, Thamari; Padenga, Tendai (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      The significant advances in high- throughput sequencing technologies over the last decade have led to an exponential explosion of biological data. Consequently, bioinformatics is encountering unprecedented challenges in ...
    • Creating a large scale wireless network with SCIFI 

      Magalhães, Luiz Claudio Schara; Balbi, Helga Dolorico; Feferman, Daniel Lazkani; Valle, Rafael De Tommaso do; Stanton, Michael (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      One year after progressing from a research project to become the technology driving the wireless network at UFF, SCIFI Magalhaes, 2013 has grown. SCIFI (an acronym which stands for Intelligent Controller for Wireless ...
    • Using Future Internet testbeds as a tool for the practical study of digital networking 

      Machado, Iara; Rodriguez, Noemi; Salmito, Tiago; Ciuffo, Leandro; Dias, Gustavo; Abelém, Antônio; Stanton, Michael (UbuntuNet Alliance, 2014-11)
      In this paper, we discuss how Future Internet testbeds can be useful not only for experimenters but also for teaching networking classes, both in conventional environments and in the context of online courses. Access to ...